Arson Crimes Defense Lawyers Virginia Maryland

Arson is a very serious crime. The law defines arson as deliberately and maliciously setting fire to structures or wild land areas. Frequently fires are set to the property of another or to one’s own property in an endeavor to collect insurance compensation.

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The following are some of the laws in VA, MD: 

  • Va. Code Ann. § 18.2-77. Burning or destroying dwelling house, etc

A. If any person maliciously (i) burns, or by use of any explosive device or substance destroys, in whole or in part, or causes to be burned or destroyed, or (ii) aids, counsels or procures the burning or destruction of any dwelling house or manufactured home whether belonging to himself or another, or any occupied hotel, hospital, mental health facility, or other house in which persons usually dwell or lodge, any occupied railroad car, boat, vessel, or river craft in which persons usually dwell or lodge, or any occupied jail or prison, or any occupied church or occupied building owned or leased by a church that is immediately adjacent to a church, he shall be guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment for life or for any period not less than five years and, subject to subdivision g of § 18.2-10, a fine of not more than $ 100,000.

Any person who maliciously sets fire to anything, or aids, counsels or procures the setting fire to anything, by the burning whereof such occupied dwelling house, manufactured home, hotel, hospital, mental health facility or other house, or railroad car, boat, vessel, or river craft, jail or prison, church or building owned or leased by a church that is immediately adjacent to a church, is burned shall be guilty of a violation of this subsection.

B. Any such burning or destruction when the building or other place mentioned in subsection A is unoccupied shall be punishable as a Class 4 felony.

What is the crime of arson? Usually, the crime arson is defined as intentional harm to the property and thus burning it. There are a lot of arson crimes, including arson in a person’s property with intent to fraud – such as collecting insurance belongings. While most arson crimes involve damage to buildings, arson can also be done by a person setting fire to the land of forest or by burning a boat at the coastline. Intentional laws for the arson typically classify this crime as a felony due to possibility injury or death.

Degree of crime:

Different States recognize varying degrees of crime of arson based on factors such as whether the purpose of insurance fraud was there, or whether the building is occupied or not. Cases which are less in the degree of crime results in less kind of punishments, but severe crimes results in death penalties also. The arson crime is handled in different courts across the United States in different ways.

Many countries classify the term of arson crimes into different categories or situations. More dangerous categories or knowing of crime will result in severe kind of penalties. Starting fire of a building which is preoccupied, for example, could lead to more criminal penalties than to setting on fire a barn or unoccupied area.

The fire which is being set is check by the elite law enforcement agencies and chemically checked to indicate where the origin point of fire is. Enforcement of the law can take months or years for a full investigation before the case is filed and presented into the court. Law enforcement considers the motive which is behind the arson. The crime related to arson is carried out especially in household violence.

The fraud for insurance and arson:

In many of the scenarios related to the crime seen the most common is seen for committing insurance fraud and getting quick money. Any person charged of burning its property for the sake of insurance will be charges with the penalties of arson crime.

Legal help is very much required for a person to get through with the arson charge. For defending yourself in any of these crimes can be a headache. The penalty can range from imprisonment to 20 years or more in prison for a serious charge such as arson. No individual accused can be expected to understand the full consequences of every charge and defense of a criminal case without a good criminal defense lawyer. Even if you are being investigated or charged with arson, or any other crime, you are wise to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Arson is a crime that states have split into different degrees of severity. In some states and in some cases, arson may not be a crime at all, although criminal offenses may also be charged. Criminal offenses are considered to be more serious than Arson, and usually involve serious damage to property or fires in homes, property or buildings with persons inside them.